Black&White photos

The beginning of all photography: Black-and-white! 

Many photographers still prefer images in straight black-and-white with beautiful rich grey tints in between. 

Abstracting from colors, will put more attention to shapes and lines, to design. 

Sculpture "hand with pencil" in Angouleme, France
Shadow of people and a lantern
Staircase of an architect
No conversation anymore
The devil in a shop window in Delft, Netherlands
Crew member climbing, on board the Eendracht in the North Sea
Legs and feet on board ship, Mediteranian Sea
Plant in pot behind blinds
Sculpture in Angouleme
Mannequins in a shop in Papenburg, Germany
Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Church entrance in Montbron, France
"Ho" (stop in English) with high buildings.
Shadows on a metal staircase
Person with balls
Glass wall of a building
Despair after end of conversation
Shadows on a white wall
Door handle with shadows
Land reclamation with small dikes  on the Wadden Sea
Building, Rotterdam

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Convent in Montbron, France

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