Photos by Ilia Zenin

Guest photographer, a young talent, is certainly eager to take nice pictures with his mobile phone! He makes beautiful 3D illustrations too. 

View through the rocks
Woman with loose hair

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Lonely palm tree
Sea crashes against the rocks
Views of beautiful lakes and mountains
Lava rock by the sea
Een sloot die door het lanschap meandert
Sea view over the railing of a yacht
Sunset by the sea in Greece
Interior souvenir shop
Sea view over the railing of a yacht
Sandy path through the mountains, Greece
Sailing yacht anchored on the coast in Greece
Waterwheel in a river
Sun shining through the clouds
Tourist path through the mountains
Dripstone cave
Flower in the meadow
Purple flowers
Shopping centre in the evening
Zicht op zee aan de kust
View of a lake

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